Family law

Family Law

Personal relationship breakdowns can have an emotional, mental and financial toll. AMC Lawyers can assist you to formalise separation so you can move on with life free from issues or claims in future.

Child of divorce

Let us help you with:

  • Drafting and executing a tailored Binding Financial Agreement¬†
  • An application for divorce
  • Property Settlements
  • Corresponding and negotiating with your ex-partner or their legal representative
  • Representing you at mediation and court
  • Drafting, executing, and filing consent orders

Binding Financial Agreements

A binding financial agreement can be entered into at any stage of the relationship and is a written agreement between a married or de facto couple. It will outline the division of assets decided between the parties.

When parties elect to enter into a contract they are stating that they agree for the Family Law Act not to apply to their matter.


In Australia to be eligible to make an Application for Divorce, you must be able to prove that at least one of the parties satisfies the following criteria:

  • Be an Australian citizen;
  • Permanently live in Australia; or
  • Be ordinarily resident in Australia or has been for one year prior to the filing of the application.

The court must then be satisfied that the parties are legally married which is usually proven by filing a copy of the marriage certificate with the Court. 

If my partner does not want a divorce can I apply solely?

You can apply solely, however this does involve more steps and can be more complicated. AMC Lawyers can assist you to prevent any unnecessary issues arising.

Property Settlement

Following the breakdown of a relationship, all parties need to consider how they are going to divide their property. This maybe a relatively simple process involving just a few assets such as the family home, motor vehicle and funds in bank or it may be complex involving trusts, self-managed superfunds and business ventures. If you are unsure what is included our team at AMC Lawyers can guide you through all the ins and outs.

The Court has adopted a 4-step approach to resolving family law property matters:

  1. Identifying the property pool to be divided
  2. Contributions made by each party throughout the relationship both financial and non-financial
  3. Future needs of each party
  4. Is the proposal fair and equitable

AMC Lawyers can help you reach a fair and equitable settlement.

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